Ultimate Sleep Course for Tired Moms: 

Creating Ideal Sleep Schedules for Littles 0-3 Years Old 


Valued @ $47 USD

Are you currently struggling to find that perfect schedule that works for your little one?  

Do you feel like you've tried tweaking your little one's schedule over and over and nothing seems to be changing? 

Or perhaps you feel like you just get your little one on an ideal schedule and then things completely fall apart again and it takes you weeks to figure out what is going on?

This course will walk you through everything you need to know about: 

  • Creating schedules while sleep training and after your little one is falling asleep independently
  • Creating an age appropriate schedule for your little one using my sample, tried & true schedules
  • Tweaking your little one's schedule until they are at the age they no longer need naps  
  • Extending cat naps
  • Getting your little one back on schedule when things get off schedule 

What is included in the Ultimate Sleep Course for Tired Moms?

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course and future updates
  • 5 Mini Modules for each topic
  • Downloadable PDFs for those that are more of a visual leaner
  • Video Tutorials for those that are more of a audio learner
  • Lorraine's tried and true schedules 
  • Lorraine's top secrets to help you find that magic awake window for your little one  

You can get all of this for only $47 USD!  

This course is self-paced & I guarantee it will not cause you overwhelm! Each module has been created with the simplest steps to make your life easier in finding that perfect schedule for your little one! 


About Your Sleep Consultant  

Lorraine Felix is a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. After her oldest son was still not sleeping more tha two or three hour stretches each night, she began researching way sleep training and what that meant for her family. She loves helping parents overcome their exhaustion by teaching their little ones safe and healthy sleep habits. Seeing other parent's lives become much easier, more relaxed and restful is one of the best things about her job.