Get a sleep plan right away! Skip hours of research - and have a step by step guide on what to do to help your little one sleep better immediately!


Do you need sleep help now? Do you feel that you just need a little guidance on how to get started towards having a better sleeper? Are you looking for sleep help that's budget friendly and will get you results? If you can say YES to any of these questions, then the SLEEP EASY PLAN is just for you!  

This SLEEP EASY PLAN will leave you feeling prepared and 

confident that your little one will be sleeping better in just a week.  

This plan includes: ✔How to create an age appropriate schedule to avoid early wakings, bedtime battles, frequent night wakings and resistance to naps ✔What you need to include in a bedtime routine to make it enjoyable and relaxing for you and your little one ✔How to create a sleep inducing and safe sleep environment ✔Two sleep training methods (no cry-it-out) so you can choose one that works best for you and your baby according to their age and personality  

This plan is suitable for ages 4 months +


I loved the Sleep Easy Plan. It was great because it gave me just enough information and guidance to be able to properly train our baby. We had to change according to Mckenzie and what worked more for her but it worked really great and I would reccomend it to others who have just a little sleep challenge with their little one.

Mckenzie always slept though the night and was pretty easy to get back to sleep by rocking but it became harder as time went on. Even though she was almost a year when I tried this sleep plan, it still really worked.

- Holly

*There will be no refunds for this plan.

About Your Sleep Consultant  

Lorraine Felix is a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. After her oldest son was still not sleeping more tha two or three hour stretches each night, she began researching way sleep training and what that meant for her family. She loves helping parents overcome their exhaustion by teaching their little ones safe and healthy sleep habits. Seeing other parent's lives become much easier, more relaxed and restful is one of the best things about her job.

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