Mom's Schedule Cheat Sheet

A Chart to Help Mom's Create an Age Appropriate Schedule for Their Little Ones

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So often I get the questions from Mom's...  

"How many naps should my little one be taking?"  

"How long should my little one be awake for?"  

"When will my little one start dropping this nap?"  

If you find yourself unsure of the answers to these questions I have created a FREE copy of my "Mom's Schedule Cheat Sheet" just for you.  

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The "Mom's Schedule Cheat Sheet" will tell you... 

  • Exactly how many naps your little one should be taking
  • When your little one will start dropping a nap
  • How long your little one should be awake for
  • How many hours your little one should be sleeping in total (Night time & Day time sleep)
  • Sleep requirements from ages 0-36 months

This is the exact chart I give my clients when helping them create an age appropriate schedule for their little ones and I know it will help you to do the same.  

About Your Sleep Consultant

Lorraine Felix is a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. After her oldest son was still not sleeping more than two or three hour stretches each night, she began researching way sleep training and what that meant for her family. 

She loves helping parents overcome their exhaustion by teaching their little ones safe and healthy sleep habits. Seeing other parent's lives become much easier, more relaxed and restful is one of the best things about her job.

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